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Play 'n' Worship for Preschoolers

Our team has just wrapped up two amazing Play 'n' Worship resources (one for preschoolers and one for toddlers and 2s). I want to share one of the behind-the-scenes stories for Play 'n' Worship for preschoolers.

Patty Smith had the original vision for a DVD resource that would lead preschoolers in worship (Whirl n Worship). I have to say that this was one of the most amazing music DVDs we've ever done! Such high quality! While Patty and the team were filming one of the music videos, not every child had shown up. So Patty and Brenda started beating the bushes for kids and parents who'd want to jump in. The song was "Let the Children Come" and they lived out going and asking kids to "come to Jesus!" One particular family had just taken an excursion from The Children's Hospital in Denver. Their small son had a brain tumor. His mother said yes and she and her two sons are in the video. It was one of those times that the older child actually had fun in the midst of their family trauma. Patty and Brenda quietly wept as they watched all this unfold. And I can't help but remember that family and this story every time I see this amazing music video.

So that's the behind-the-scenes story. Now we've taken that DVD and transformed it into a children's ministry kit called Play 'n' Worship. It has 10 story trifolds that maximize the way preschoolers learn. The art is amazing! The experiences are right on with kids. You don't want to miss out on this! Check it out here:

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