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Can't Take "Nice" to the Bank

We Christians are so nice. We get together in our committees and we nicely discuss strategy. We brainstorm in such a civil fashion.

And it makes me wonder if we just need a good fight every now and then. Not the kind of fight that leaves people bloodied and wounded, but the kind of wrestling with ideas that leaves ideas and strategies conquered, tamed, and reinvented. I'm just not sure we can take "nice" to the bank. Or in other words, will "niceness" take over the kingdom of darkness?

It seems to me that the people who speak the loudest in meetings are the ones with the most passion. That makes sense, but what about the analyst-type guy in the corner who has a lot to say but feels trumped by "passion"? What about the introvert who has amazing ideas but keeps them to herself?

I've learned a new thing from Joani about one way to deal with this (I can never remember the actual term, but I get the jist). It's to always invite dissent at the end of a passionate brainstorming session. Ask: What's wrong with the idea we've come up with? What are the holes? How could this fail miserably? If someone were to critique this idea, what things would they find?

The cool thing is that brings out the corner analysts and the sweet introverts to share in a safe and invited arena. It's not a full-out WWE match, but it does produce winning ideas. And that just may take the kingdom of darkness by storm.

Try it sometime. willing to lose to win.

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