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Allergy Alert!

Yesterday was so fun with our 2-year-olds in Sunday school! We learned about how Jesus is our friend--and even got to go outside to enjoy God's sunshine! It was fun!

As I checked in the kids, though, I was reminded of the need for a good check-in system. We have a paper system and at times it's fine. But there was the one day that I missed that Tyson had food allergies and fed him goldfish crackers. His mom was restrained but visibly upset (I deserved it) when she picked him up and I confessed that I missed it. Now everytime she drops him off, I affirm that I'm very aware of his food allergy and will give him his personal snack from their diaper bag. She looked relieved when I told her that yesterday, but she admitted that another teacher had missed the allergy in another class. Poor baby!

So I was excited this morning when I met with our KidCheck team to learn that this registration and check-in/check-out system is computerized and has effective ways to alert leaders if a child has allergies. Not only would KidCheck be great to expedite the check-in/check-out system in our ministry, but it would also be great to have an effective computerized system with all the bells and whistles--so Tyson and all our other little ones are protected. Sounds like KidCheck may be just that system. Check it out for yourself at

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