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Give Til It Helps

Giving is down in churches. Studies cite it and personal experience in churches proves it. One study says that church members gave only 2.56 percent of their income in 2004. That's in 2004! Before the economic downturn! What must be happening now?

On a personal level, I have to admit that our family could tithe more. It's a topic of regular discussion--what could we do to up our tithe? Are we giving enough? What life changes would we need to make to increase our giving? I'm feeling very convicted about this issue.

On a ministry level, it's tough to impact the views of the entire church from the perch of the children's minister. But there is one audience that we can challenge to give until it helps--and that's our kids. What a great time to teach them about God's faithfulness when we give like the widow gave her last mite. Teach them that God says to "test him" and see if he isn't faithful--to bring the whole tithe and watch him bless our socks off.

The economy is on television and the radio constantly. It's the topic of discussion in the car and around the dinner table. Kids are aware that family budgets are tighter. Don't miss this opportunity to help them see money from God's perspective.

Check out this great article from Children's Ministry Magazine for tips to do just that: (And if you haven't subscribed to Children's Ministry Magazine yet for your entire team, know that it would be the best investment you could make this year! Subscribe here:

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Nelle said...
That\'s a smart answer to a tricky qusoeitn
January 4, 2014 09:43
Nelle said...
That\'s a smart answer to a tricky qusoeitn
January 4, 2014 09:44
January 4, 2014 09:44

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