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When Is Enough Enough?

If you haven't read the Time magazine article about overprotective parents, make sure you do. Here's the link:

It adds to the discussion we have around here at times about how much safety and security is enough in a children's ministry. In a conversation we had with about 60 children's ministers a few years ago here at Group, we asked them to list how many safety and security procedures they had in place for their ministries. All together, there were over 80 items on the compiled list.

Whoa! 80 items! When do we know that we've crossed the line into an overprotective ministry and we're not just doing "due diligence"? When do we contribute to the culture of "freaking out" that parents find themselves in? What, in your opinion, is enough in providing a safe environment for children in your care? I'd love to see your brief list of absolute safety measures.

I think we all may need a wake-up call!

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