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Promotion Policies?

This may seem like such a mundane thing, but it's one of those "nuts and bolts" questions. When do you promote (or move kids up to the next class) in your early childhood area?

It seems like it's pretty obvious how that works once kids get to school--when they move up a grade in school, they move up in Sunday school. Now that I serve with 2-year-olds, though, I'm seeing the impact of "promoting on birthdays."

So we have 2-year-olds who don't want to go up to the 3-year-old room. Developmentally, they're not ready. We let them stay and treasure that we're not losing them. We get attached! Then we have 1-year-olds who have a birthday and immediately get moved into our room. This last Sunday we had so many new ones that it was disruptive. I had to hold one little girl who could only tell me "birthday"--meaning "I had a birthday and this is what I got." I had to hold her the entire time!

So the lesson went out the window, the processes we'd established went out the window, and it felt like we were starting all over in the middle of the year.

So, I'd love to do you deal with the promotion issue in your early childhood area?

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