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I Wish! I Wish!

I lost my work badge (again). Bummer! That creates all kinds of irritations trying to get around in our building. And I looked and looked. Even cleaned out my car (which is a good thing). Found things under the couch cushions I didn't need, of course. Whew! It's dirty under there! And I prayed with a double mind--God cares about the little things vs. this is a ridiculous prayer.

Anyway, made me wish that I didn't lose stuff. My son even said, "Maybe you need to put a beeper on it to help you find it next time." If I did, everything in my house would be covered with beepers. I wish I were more organized! Life would be easier!

Which made me think about children's ministers. What is it you wish for? What is it that you just can't seem to get a handle on--like for me, losing things? (Did I mention I lost my Bluetooth, too?) What is it that seems to irritate you repeatedly that you'd love help with--paperwork, phone calls, scheduling, meetings? If your irritation could disappear to make your life easier, what would that thing be?

Give me your wish list!

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