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First-Ever How2 a Wow2!

We just completed our first weekend of regional How2 Conferences in two cities! And it was a Wow! Take a look at what participants said about the first-ever How2 Children's Ministry Conferences...(and go to to find one in a city near you this spring)

"I have been equipped, connected and motivated to continue to dream and work out a growing children's ministry."--Heidi Rogers, Elmhurst, IL

"The HOW2 Conference has made a lasting impact on our children's ministry. We are implementing some of the ideas right now. God has used this conference to mold our ministry into the one He wants."--Brad Bennett, Kansas City, KS

"Practical - ideas we actually practiced not just heard about."--Lori Cruden, Rockford, IL

"One of the best conferences for small churches and large churches alike. The information presented can be used no matter how large or small."--Evan Sheckler, LaHarpe, IL

"It's a wonderful experience to be able to bond with the children's ministry group. It allowed us to feed off each other and grow together."--Jody Johnston, Sheridan, IL

"Bring as many of your leadership team as possible to make connections and so everyone is on the same page."--Christy Hager, Millington, IL

"HOW2 includes hands-on activities that help participants internalize the message. Whether it is about helping families with special needs or helping volunteers feel valued, we all walk away with a better compass to guide our children and volunteers with."--Jody Spicer, Cedarburg, WI

"A must for all struggling Children's Ministries for encouragement and how-tos. A must for thriving ministries to keep you on your toes."--Stephanie Whittenhall, Medinah, IL

Don't miss out on this revolutionary training conference--there's nothing else like it for your leadership team!

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