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Dreams Come True

My son got married this last weekend in the most beautiful and amazing ceremony. He and his new wife, Bri, demonstrated a deep love for each other and for God. It was so wonderful!

And I cried at two key times where I saw dreams coming true. One was when Bri stepped out onto the stairway, being led by her father. Standing there in all her beauty and purity, I cried because I knew that this was Grant's and Bri's dream come true--to find each other, fall madly in love, and commit their lives to one another. It was a beautiful moment! And one that made my big Marine son cry, too!

The other key time I cried was when Grant and Bri stepped out of the center part of the ceremony to have a private communion and prayer time. As I saw my son taking on the mantle of spiritual headship in his new family's life, praying for and with Bri, I was deeply moved. This was the fulfillment of one of my dreams--that my son would grow up to love Jesus with all his heart. God blessed me as I saw the fulfillment of all those things we do as parents and children's ministers (and wonder if they're making an impact). Well, they are. They really are!

Check out the beautiful couple!


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