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Living Inside Out Lives!

After launching Living Inside Out a few years ago as a three-year scope and sequence, we decided to cut back to one year of modules instead of three (because of business stuff). Yet we heard this outcry from children's ministers who were using it. They LOVED it! And they weren't happy that we weren't delivering three years. It is fabulous as a large group/small group, media-rich resource! The themes are fun! I'm a big fan of Living Inside Out (!

And obviously, so are Living Inside Out customers. So...after much consideration, we're "relaunching" it with all three years--guaranteed!

In a meeting yesterday we discussed how to "tell this story" to our customers. And my big question because I know children's ministers are really smart people--with long memories and active networks: How do we convince people that we really do mean it this time!? (In my opinion, the word "guaranteed" isn't enough.) We need a strong promise and a story that lets people know that no matter what, we're doing all three years.

We broke trust with our customers. And now we need to regain it. Any ideas? What would it take for you to believe a company means it this time? (Because we do, but it means nothing if you don't believe us!)

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