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Hope for the Future

One of the great things about being part of a company for many years is that we really become a family. We watch each other's children be born, go to school, graduate, get married, and more. We celebrate together!

And one sweet little one that we're celebrating is Hope Kinner (parents Scott and Janna). She's beautiful and already much-loved, of course.

And, to me, she represents the hope for why we do what we do here at Group. It's for the millions of little ones like Hope who need to have hope in the One who loves them more than anyone. We have hope every time we create something that God is going to use it to help children see how amazing he is--and how much fun and wonder there is in being a Christian, coming to church, following after Jesus! We have hope in a day that boredom will be banished from children's ministries! We have hope that churches and families will come together in the way that God designed so children love God for a lifetime!

I love the Scripture that says "hope does not disappoint." I know little Hope Kinner hasn't disappointed her proud parents. And I don't believe our hope in the future will disappoint either.

Look at this little beauty!


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