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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the man who loved me, provided for me, and treasured me all the days of my life--my dad! He's a fabulous dad and an even more fabulous grandad! We have so many great Grandadisms that we laugh about and enjoy! I'm glad he wanted to be a dad.

(Which reminds me of the Garrison Keilor column I read this morning about him never wanting to be a dad. I kept waiting for Keilor to say "no, not really...even though I never wanted to be a dad, I'm glad I am a dad." That never came. And it's so sad.)

So, here's back to my amazing dad who understands that even on the days you may not feel like you like being a dad, you do the dad thing anyway. And here's to you, Dad, for knowing exactly how to answer the question: "Which of us girls is your favorite--my sister or me?" Wisely, you'd answer, "You're my favorite green-eyed daughter and she's my favorite brown-eyed daughter." Smooth, Dad, smooth!

And here's to you for after my first husband died and I mournfully and fearfully looked at the desk in the office. How in the world would I pay bills? I didn't know how! You looked at me in utter disbelief and said, "Well, Baby, you won the Math Key!" (I did! I was the top math student in high school.) Thanks, Dad, for reminding me of who I am and for believing in me always! I love you!

And Happy Father's Day to all you dads who have guys and girls (of all ages) who look up to you in the same way!

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