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No Monsters Here!

I got an email from my dear friend Danielle Bell yesterday. She said I'd been in her dream the other night--and I was pretty upset the entire time. So she was just checking in with me.

I had to admit that I have been pretty upset lately. Trying to figure out how to work in one certain area keeps me pretty tied up in knots.

But I also had to remember something my friend Rick Lawrence taught me years ago. (Okay, he's my dear friend, too!) He told me to always remember that "there are no monsters here!" And when working through issues of conflict, that has served me well to focus on the real problems instead of the person. In fact, conflict usually comes from misunderstood expectations or a lack of clear communication.

I'm continuing to grow in my weak areas. But I'm bolstered by the fact that there are no monsters here!

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