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Can All Families Make the Shift?

Lorraine Seaman makes a great point about non-traditional families and how they fit into the Shift strategy:

"My one concern in reading the book, and it surfaced frequently, was what about our non-traditional families?  Our single moms/dads, our infrequent attenders, our children who attend with friends and not their parents?  How do we reach out to those families who do not meet our stereotypical expectations of what a 'church' family is?  Especially when these milestones are so completely implemented within the walls of the church building itself?

I do love that he is so intentional about wanting to create opportunities to equip and support parents.  This book is chock-full of really great ideas and I will admit that I am still processing it, turning possibilities over in my head. 

Overall, I found it well worth the time and I'm looking forward to discussing possibilities with my own church leadership team."

My thoughts: We had lots of discussions with Brian about how diverse families are today. And, he assured us that in his church, it's every kind of family that's following the pathway of milestones and making the shift. Great points!

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