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Shift--Not for Every Family?

Here's Amy Dolan's take on Shift:

"While I liked the logically mapped out approach, and it was written in a way easy enough to understand, i didn’t necessarily think the book lived up to the title “what it takes to finally reach families today.” to me, it seemed like a great approach for traditional christian families eager to elevate the faith in their own homes, which of course, is desperately needed. there are so many christian parents who feel ill-equipped and insecure about raising spiritually minded children. this model provides a great encouragement and spiritual map for parents who are already connected to a church and ready to become fully invested in the spiritual responsibility and leadership in their children’s lives."

My thoughts: Point taken, and the last thing we wanted to offer the church is a strategy for the "elite" Christian parent. We have enough for them already.

Brian has told me that there are three things they want parents to do: celebrate the faith milestones in their children's lives, watch for regular God Sightings where God shows up and they acknowledge it, and have a regular faith talk whether it's a natural conversation or a sit-down devotion. Our dream is that any family can do those three things if we give them the right tools and vision.

I think the most brilliant part of Brian's milestone strategy is the milestones. Almost every family wants the church to celebrate with them the important faith milestones in their children's lives, and sadly we as churches often miss out on that opportunity. Brian and his church have figured out how to capitalize on the moments when families of all kinds are most open to the church's input.

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