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Lifesize Noah's Ark

Johan Huibers, a Dutchman, has just finished the world's first replica of Noah's Ark in Schagen, Netherlands. Huigen says, "Nobody learns about Christianity any more. I hope visitors to my ark will be inspired by the experience and want to read the Bible and learn from it. I followed the example of Noah because he, too, was a builder. I want to build another ark - this is just practice. The next one will be the same size as Noah’s, 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.”

Huibers is passionate about awakening a hunger for God in his country. I'm inspired by him in the same way that I'm inspired by children's ministers week in and week out who perform amazingly big and small feats to awaken in children a hunger for God.

This guy has to be a closet children's minister, don't you think?

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