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Just Like Family

Every month, our leadership team meets at Thom and Joani's house for breakfast--and Thom makes us amazing meals! Then we take turns leading one another in a devotion.

So, this week Joel (our VP of marketing) led us in a devotion about families. Our families. And then our leadership family. We were asked to consider what we could do to strengthen our bond with our leadership family. Here are three things I came away with:

1. Work on relationships with one another--not just being task-oriented. Take time for coffee and to get to know one another's stories.

2. Don't say anything behind someone's back that I wouldn't say in front of the person--not even if it's true but it has a certain tone or sarcasm.

3. Be FOR one another. Competition and comparison lead to icky stuff in families; and they do in companies too. So pray for one another and never secretly hope that an area will do less than the best--just so my area can look better.

I love my Group family! I hope some of these insights help with your church leadership family too!

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Lia said...
That's an inventive answer to an inetiestrng question
January 4, 2014 08:25

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