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Top-5 Easter Faves from CMMag: #5 The Old Rabbits' Home

This is an idea from CMMag that was actually first published in "Instant Skits for Children's Ministry" (a great book). It's about rabbits in a retirement home.

The Characters:

  • N.R. Jizer, a nonstop talker
  • Trixie Rabbit, who's obsessed with fruit flavors
  • Plugs Bunny, a hard-of-hearing wise guy
  • Codger Rabbit, who's cranky and feeble
  • Stranger, who's friendly but quiet

The characters in this skit are all rabbits; four of them parody "famous" rabbits (the Energizer batteries bunny, the Trix cereal rabbit, Bugs Bunny, and Roger Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)

Your kids will love this skit and it makes the point of the true meaning of Easter. (Do it with live actors or puppets.) Caution: Use it with older kids who don't still believe in the Easter Bunny.

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