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I'm JUST Saying...

Don't say "just"...even if you're talking to your spouse, your friends, or your kids! Don't do it!

Here's why...I was chatting with Sophia Winter, our advertising director, and she said that a common communication mistake we make is to say things like "I'm just a children's minister" or "I'm just an editor" or "I'm just a mother" or "I just teach 4-year-olds."

Sophia says that adding "just" to the sentence minimizes us in our own view and in others' views of us. So let's just stop! Just like that! Without any just cause other than we're more than we often think we are. And we're certainly more in God's eyes than "just" makes us out to be. So we don't need to say we're "just anything."

The funny thing is that this weekend my husband and I were driving through Fort Collins, and we saw a store called "Just Office Furniture." Guess what? Out of business! Could it be that "Office Furniture" would've made it, but "just" gave the lethal blow?

We may never know. But, today, let's cleanse "just" from any reference to ourselves!  (And while we're at it, let's keep "only" out of the conversation, too, when referring to the amazing callings God has given us!)

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