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Make Your Ministry Shine 2

Here are more helpful tips to make your ministry shine with internal public relations.

One of my favorites is "Share your stories with "megaphone members." Keith Johnson writes, "There's always someone in your church who's the first to know everything...take them to breakfast once a month to fill them in on your secret successes...your stories will become legend as they're repeated throughout your church."

I think another twist on this is to use "holy gossip." Talk about the good things people are doing in your ministry. When that bit of "gossip" comes back to the person, it'll be a positive affirmation. Plus, the good stories get shared with others. For example, say "You'll never believe what Tom is doing with his small group" or "I've discovered that Roma has a secret musical gift that our kids love in worship time!" Always share the good news about others!

Here's more:

* Attend the right meetings (when your ministry is being discussed)

* Make the good better.

* Change the wattage of your light bulbs (no more dim hallways)

* Freshen up the smell in your nursery area

I have to tell you that I often share "holy gossip" about you as a children's minister. I tell everyone who'll listen in our company that you are the most noble, idealistic, vision-filled, loving, creative people I've ever met! And you can definitely share that with others!

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