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KidMin Conversation--Part 1

Listen in on a conversation between Phillip Moody (our first KidMin Conference Registrant) and myself.

CYJ:  Phillip, we just learned that you're our #1 registrant for our first-ever KidMin Conference! Thanks so much for jumping in so quickly! If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions and post our conversation (or parts of it) in my blog. So are you willing to have a little email chat with me?

Phillip: Yes, that would be fun and good.

CYJ:  Great! So you're the first registrant (and not with a lot of info on the conference yet). Why did you sign up pretty much "sight unseen" for the KidMin Conference?

Phillip: This may sound lame, but I trust Group.  (Our church is 14 years old, and Group has been our lead curriculum material provider since we began.)  And I need such an experience that I know you all will create/provide that will help me help move our growing children's ministry to the next level.  (I have considered CPC conferences and others before, but this timing is just simply right.)

(Stay tuned. In my next blog, Phillip responds to this question: Wow! Thanks for your trust! When you say you need help moving your children's ministry to the next level, help me understand what that level will look like for you when you get there.)

Want more info about our first-ever KidMin Conference October 7-10, 2011, in Chicago? Our site will be live with tons of great info the first week of December. Hang on! Then go to 

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