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Drop Off or Drop Out?

I was a drop-off kid. There was something in my heart that longed to be in church, but my family was unchurched. So God bless my mom...she dropped me off or allowed me to walk to church, and eventually joined me there.

Over the last few years, I've heard of a trend that churches won't allow kids to attend church if they're not accompanied by a parent or a guardian of some sort. That's what inspired our current poll at

We asked people to respond to this statement: We allow kids without parents at church:

Always--40 people

Never--4 people

Only the first time--1 person

Other--2 people

Just makes me wonder where I'd be today if the folks at the churches I attended unchaperoned would've turned me away. And, yes, I know there are security concerns and it's a different world today. Surely we can figure out the ins and outs of the security issues to indeed "let the children come."

If you'd like to read more about this topic, go to "Drop Off or Drop Out?" by clicking on this link:


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