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All in the Cards

This Easter as I stood in the card aisle, hunting for a card for my husband, I overheard two conversations between parents and their children.

"No, son, we don't want that one," a dad said. "Well, how about this one?" the boy asked. "That's great. She loves flowers."

And another conversation: "We should get her a first Easter card," the boy told his mom. "Why would we want to do that? She's 3." I couldn't help but laugh at this one.

As I listened to their exchanges, I realized that they were effectively passing on their values: caring for loved ones, giving, finding things that mean something to the recipient, celebrating Easter.

The truth is every day and in every way parents are passing on values. What they talk about--and what they don't. How they model life. How they deal with conflict. How they are in relationship with others.

Our great privilege in ministry is to encourage parents to see that they are already discipling their children. It's not that hard! It's just doing life with them. And I think perhaps the greatest equipping we can give these parents is not even tools and tips but help to fall deeply in love with Jesus so that the overflow spills all over their kids.

It's not more cowbell we need; it's more Jesus! And perhaps it's not more techniques we need, but it's more Jesus in our families!!! And when we have that, parents won't be able to keep themselves from sharing their love for Jesus with their kids.

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