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12 Days of Christmas for Children’s Ministry: Recap

We had so much fun giving away all sorts of children's ministry resources to our friends in ministry! Here's a quick list of who won what.

Day 1 - Nativity: Lights! Camera! Action - Joy Feemster
Day 2 - One Starry Night - Diana Scarberry
Day 3 - bulk subscription to Children's Ministry Magazine - Suzanne Olmsted Thorenson
Day 4 - Christmas Extras: Faith-Filled Ideas for Celebrating Christmas - Tina Marie Bentley
Day 5 - Group's Christmas Songbook - Susan Wilson Holbrook
Day 6 - The ParentLink Children's Ministry Edition - Shandra Ward Hathaway
Day 7 - All-in-One Sunday School Series- Michelle May
Day 8 - 25 Flair buttons and free registration for a preconference training session - Laura Aranda
Day 9 - Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Bible Stories for Babies - Vanessa Jones
Day 10 - Entire case of My First Hands-On Bible - Kimberly HolyGhost Carroll-McLean
Day 11 - Pockets, Whiskers, and Cuddles - Anette Shanks
Day 12 - LIVE Children's Curriculum - Tina Smith

God bless us, everyone, as we minister to children at Christmas and throughout the year!

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