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Heart Matters: His God Is Not

“His God Is Not” by Amy Beth Larson is one of my favorite “Heart Matters” columns. I like it because I think that Amy is an amazing writer who artfully shares things from her heart. I love to read her writing. And the other reason I like Amy’s columns is because I know about the amazing ministry she was involved with when she wrote for us—an inner city mission. Amy lives what she writes about.

Here’s part of what she writes: So it's a few weeks before Christmas, and what does Filimon have? Not much. His situation is desperate, but his God is not. I must admit, though, that sometimes it's hard to believe in an active God when the kids I spend my days with are born and raised in such filth, poverty, hatred, hunger, and abuse that it damages their small bodies and threatens to destroy their souls. It doesn’t add up, but we still believe.” 

To read the entire column, click here.

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