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New Year's Rant

Just got back from a trip where I got to be exposed to Christianity on the road. One radio station is challenging its listeners to listen to only Christian music for an entire month and see how their lives change. For some reason, that made me change the channel immediately.

Maybe it was seeing the Christian ghetto in road signs and church marquees that doesn't yet know how to communicate to a non-Christian world. So asking us to become even more insulated and out of touch with the real world just turned me off.

Take note of these signs I saw along the way and you decide. Do we Christians really know how to communicate to people outside our world?

A church marquee: "What's your focus? Joshua 1:7-9." (I ask you, what non-Christian is going to know what that means?) So maybe our audience really is just the church.

But then we saw this sign on the interstate: "Are you going to hell? Give your heart to Jesus to be saved." (I admit, I actually laughed at this one.) The fact that we think that someone is going to answer yes to the first question and be converted on the spot is mind-numbing to me.

I know...sounds harsh...and for that I apologize. But I don't apologize for imploring all of us Christians to figure out how to communicate the most amazing message of salvation to a lost world that really is going to hell without it. (And burying our heads in only Christian things doesn't help us be more effective.)

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