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Found My Word!

Previously, I posted that I wasn't able to come up with a word for my New Year's Resolution. So God was faithful to deliver the word to me---OPEN!

Soon after that blog, Group laid off 26 people and reorganized our business structure. The emotions of going through that and saying goodbye to much-loved co-workers was gut-wrenching. I totally agree with the business decisions; it's just hard to see people hurting, as you know.

Soon after the layoff, I duginto my new responsibilities. Needless to say: I have a LOT to learn! But thank God for an amazing team of people who have positive can-do attitudes and really know their jobs well.

I have a feeling I'm going to be stretched beyond anything I could ever ask or imagine. I've been asking God to help me be open to all the new ways of doing things, new responsibilities, and new people.

I love that God knows what's best for me--even when I don't. I'm open to what he has in store in 2011!

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