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Volunteer Leadership Tip #2: Plug People Into Relationships

One of the most amazing tips I've learned about leading volunteers actually came from my experience of recruiting volunteers.

Tip #2: Plug People Into Relationships

People will leave a task before they'll leave a relationship. So it's important to always have at least two people assigned to serve together on a given task.

Here's how this worked for me. We had a large group/small group ministry. So we needed people to do things behind the scenes to make our ministry shine. For example, we had a Supply Team that gathered supplies for the small group leaders and put them in boxes each week.

I'm sure one person could've done this all by herself each week, but instead I recruited four different women who became the best of friends. Each week they would gather to sort through the supplies. While they worked, they laughed, shared needs, and got to know one another.

Their longevity in our ministry was directly tied to their friendship with one another. Let's be honest, it's easy to leave a thing, but when you partner people with each other, they become friends. And saying goodbye to a friend is always tougher.

I doubles your recruiting work on the front end if you have to get twice as many people. But just imagine how much easier it'll be when you don't have to fill holes because people are committed to serving with their friends.

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