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God, Give Me Patience!

There's something I need patience with. And it might surprise you.

I need patience with people who say this: "Don't ever ask God for patience, because he'll fill your life with trouble."

Really? I just don't agree. Remember the teaching where Jesus said that if you ask your earthly father for a fish, he's not going to give you a rock (or something like that). How much so does our heavenly father give us good things? The point is that God is a good and loving heavenly father who isn't out to get us.

If we ask for patience, he'll give us patience--not trouble.

This kind of thinking would be like saying, "Don't ask God for wisdom because he'll fill your life with confusion."

Maybe people are trying to be funny, but I just don't like it. God give me patience with the comments we make that reveal that we don't believe you are truly good.

That's my two cents today.

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