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KidMin Conference: Behind the Scenes

I'm so excited about the three bands that are coming to our KidMin Conference this October 7-10 in Chicago! Not just because they're extremely talented and make great music, but mostly because of their hearts!

Let me tell you about their hearts. Early on, we had a band coming that didn't work out. So we started searching for a replacement. When we contacted bands, we were a little shocked by their sticker price. So we said nope to those bands.

Then we contacted the manager for Leeland and explained to him that the most amazing people who minister to children and families will be at our conference. And that we want them to experience Jesus in meaningful ways.

He checked with Leeland and came back to tell us that they wanted to come. And not only that, they wanted to bring Building 429 and Royal Taylor since they were all starting their tour together. They were so excited about ministering to children's ministers and family ministers that big money wasn't an issue for them. They wanted to serve and minister!

Their humility...hearts for God...and hearts for kidmins were the exact fit for our conference. We've said from the beginning that this conference is about's about conversation and's about everything but "the show." We're thrilled that these three bands are joining us in that endeavor!

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