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KidMin 2012 Training Is Amazing!

KM250x 270The training at KidMin is going to be off the charts!!!

One of the great privileges I have in preparing for Group's KidMin Conference this Sept 28-Oct 1 is ensuring that the training is REAL (relational, experiential, applicable, and learner-based). That means I've gotten to review (are you ready for this?):

* Six 7-hour preconference sessions

* Twelve 8-hour deeper learning tracks

* Eighteen 4-hour half-tracks

* Thirty 2-hour workshops

Wow! Each time I partner with these amazing presenters, I'm in awe of the content that they'll cover. I truly believe that our friends at KidMin will come away equipped for greater ministry! 

Whether it's ministry management, volunteer leadership, personal growth, age-specific ministry, or something else...there's a LOT for everyone.

We're running out of spots for people to register, so if you need deeper learning, authentic connections, and renewed passion, please register today. (There are two more days to save on advanced registration!)

Just go to to learn more and register.

I'm eager to sit in on all this training and have God transform my life and ministry! Won't you join me?

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