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How to Ensure Crib Safety

BabyDid you know that over 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007? And 32 infant deaths were reported due to drop-side cribs since 2000? The church is often dependent on hand-me-down cribs and items from well-meaning folks. But what if those cribs don't pass the latest safety standards passed in June 2011?

To keep the babies safe in your ministry, you could read the giant document of regulations at or you could simply call the manufacturer to ensure that the crib has passed standards. Here's what the regulations require: (1) stop the manufacture and sale of dangerous, traditional drop-side cribs; (2) make mattress supports stronger; (3) make crib hardware more durable; and (4) make safety testing more rigorous. 

To watch a quick video to learn more, go to

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