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What Are You Doing for Christmas?

Christmas!? Are you kidding me, you wonder, I just put our Fall Festival to bed. Who's had time to think about Christmas?

Well, if you're not the uber-children's minister who chose what you're doing for Christmas at least six months ago, join the club! You've got a lot on your plate!  And that's why we created easy (almost instant) resources for Christmas that'll make your job easier--and still wow your church and community!

If you (like us) are tired of the multiple rehearsals, complex costumes and staging, and the Grinch stealing every moment you have just to get ready for Christmas, check out these two surprisingly easy kits.

  • Nativity: Lights! Camera! Action! It's multigenerational! It's easy! And it's low-cost! In one night, you go from first rehearsal through cast party! In one night! You get the four scenes, original music, and speaking parts for two actors. Families and people of all ages rehearse their scene, create simple costumes, and learn a new song after they arrive.Then everyone gathers to put on the play. Afterward, your cast (that's everyone) gathers to celebrate a show well done! All this in only two hours? It's a Christmas miracle!

    You'll get 1 director guide, 4 assistant director guides, 4 music CDs, 1 director media pack, 1 sample family devotion booklet, and 1 sample keepsake photo frame--all for under $60! Click  here to learn more about Nativity: Lights! Camera! Action!

 If drama's not your thing but you love immersing people in a multisensory environment, check out this next kit.

  • One Starry Night  Imagine a place where families can experience what Joseph and Mary did on that starry night long ago! With the easy-to-prepare instructions in this kit, you'll create such a place where families see, touch, smell, and taste what life was like when Jesus was born. Experience what was happening at the census taker's office, the city gate, the inn, the stable, and more. 

    You'll get 1 director manual, 1 music and sound effects CD, and a sample pack of these family goodies: follow-up photo frame, family-time devotions booklet, Bible memory makers and carabiner, denarri sample, stellar constellation craft, double wood catch-it craft, crown craft, canvas pillow craft, and wandering toy sheep craft. Wow! Families will talk about this event for years to come. All for under $60!

Click here to learn more about One Starry Night!

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