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Responding to the Risen Jesus

At our Easter service, our pastor, John Smith, reminded us that Easter to Christians is bigger than any Super Bowl event in any sport. Yesterday, our pastor did an amazing job of synthesizing four sound-bytes that Jesus said after he rose from the dead. They're challenges to us as well. Which one speaks to you the most in your walk with Jesus today?

  1. Fear Not Jesus' disciples were freaking out that he'd died and then they feared that someone had stolen his body after he rose from the dead. When Jesus appeared to them, he said "Fear not." What is it in your life that strikes fear in your heart? What are you afraid to do or say or believe? Jesus calls us to "fear not."
  2. Touch Me Thomas wouldn't believe that Jesus was alive until he saw it with his own eyes and thrust his hand into Jesus' pierced side. Jesus didn't scold Thomas; instead, he welcomed his doubts and lovingly called him to "touch me." Where in your life do you need a special touch from Jesus?
  3. Follow Me No encounter with Jesus is complete without a challenge to respond to him. We either follow him or we walk away. And once we've followed him, we have the choice daily to follow or walk away in our words and actions. Where is Jesus calling you to follow him today?
  4. Go Out We are people of mission--just as Jesus was a God/man on a mission. There's no room for sitting still and doing nothing. Where is Jesus calling you to go out? To change the world? To make a mark for his kingdom?

What is Jesus saying to you? 

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