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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

Operation Kid to Kid: Day 2

Another amazing day delivering backpacks and Bibles to kids in the DR! These kids are so precious and beautiful! It really is wonderful to do this.

At dinner with Shannon (from Boston!), we talked about our God Sightings for the day. We both sponsor kids through World Vision and this trip has challenged us to be stronger sponsors. So many children today could tell the names of their sponsors. They even asked Shannon if she was their sponsor. They really do have relationships with sponsors and feel genuinely loved. (How great it'll be some day to meet the children we sponsor in the Congo!)

Shannon and I thought about what the kids' lives would be like without the Compassion International sponsors who help them have access to loving Christian role models, tutoring, English training, Christian education, a warm meal daily, and more. The Compassion projects here give the kids hope for a better future and an introduction to the God who loves them dearly.

I have to admit that I haven't always taken the time to write meaningful notes to our sponsored kids. I think I'll be a much better sponsor after being here (and I would challenge you to consider sponsoring a child or more than one, too...through Compassion International or World Vision). There are many kids here in the DR who are still waiting for someone to give up a latte or two to help them experience the love of God!

You can even have a class or your entire ministry sponsor children. Learn more at and make the difference in a beautiful child's life!


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Operation Kid-to-Kid Day 1

First day to get to be with kids in the Compassion International Projects. And, wow! They blew us away with their joy, love for Jesus, and amazing talent as they greeted us and performed for us.

We visited Iglesia de Dios de la Profecia Los Mameyes and Iglesia Asamblea de Dios de Villa Duarte.

Take a look at these photos that I think will say it all.

Here's a photo of the area these children live in...a lot of poverty.


Here's our team (and my son Reed!) delivering backpacks (mochillas) and Bibles (biblias) from kids in North America to kids in the Dominican Republic.


Robin is delivering backpacks.


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Delivering Bibles to Kids in the DR

This week, my son Reed and I join a group of people with LifeTree Adventures to deliver Operation Kid-to-Kid backpacks and Bibles to children in the Dominican Republic. It’s such a cool opportunity to do this together!

Already, we feel immersed in a different culture as the plane is full of Dominicans. We’re surrounded by Spanish!

Right now, we’re on a red-eye flight to the Dominican Republic. We’re sleep-deprived and my teenager is cranky.

Even though we’re tired, I’m full of hope. Hope that we’ll be able to make a difference. Hope that God will expand our world vision. Hope that we’ll see material things in an all new light when we return home.

I’ll keep you posted along the way.

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Group KidMin Conference: Looking Back

Wow! God is so amazing! The #1 thing I prayed for the KidMin Conference is that God would show up in powerful and surprising ways. And he did!

No amount of planning and creative programs can make God show up. That's simply the amazing thing where we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to do what only the Holy Spirit can do--refresh, encourage, convict, challenge, restore, heal, comfort, and more.

Thank you, God, for doing God-only things at KidMin! We heard so many stories about lives transformed...people who said they were ready to quit, but God has restored their vision/passion/calling! People who said they came dry, not even able to sense God's presence anymore...yet God touched them in a way that they feel transformed and connected. People who felt like perhaps they were too old or too young to be in children's ministry, yet God showed them they're exactly where he wants them!

The stories are still rolling in! And we're floating around here at Group because we're grateful to have been with our wonderful friends in ministry...and we're grateful for all that God did in them and through them.

We love you guys...and can't wait until KidMin 2012 to see you again! Stay tuned for more details soon.

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Group KidMin Conference: Tomorrow!

We've put the final touches on all our preparation and welcomed our amazing speakers, Inside Track Team, volunteers, and staff. Tim Gilmour shared our core values and how we aim to be a different kind of conference. Our goal: deeper learning, authentic conversation, and renewed passion.

All our speakers are so amazing! After our pizza dinner and getting to know one another better, we all dove in to unpack the Xorbee sack chairs our guests will enjoy this weekend. What servants! We were told this is the fastest this chair setup has ever gone. Go team!

Enjoy the pictures! Here we go! We're going to trust God to do amazing things.

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