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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

Intentional Touchpoints in Shift

Gina McClain's review of Shift:

"Brian presents a model implemented at his church in Katy, Texas designed to lead & equip families through spiritual milestones from birth into adulthood. I love the idea of having a system of intentional touchpoints where the family is prepared for what to expect in the next season of parenting.  Brian makes it clear that the system laid out in this book works for his church and may not apply in the context of the reader’s church.  I appreciate that."

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Shift: Just a Starting Point...

Check out what Jesse Smith says about Shift:

"However, that is not to say that the book is not valuable - it is, very much so. While I didn't think that the "meat & potatoes" were there, I did think it was a very choice appetizer. I think that passing on this book to your Senior Pastor (or whatever visionary guides your church) would be an excellent way to get them to begin thinking of bringing families together rather than always keeping them apart. I'd even say that going through the book as a church (senior) staff would be a great idea to shift your focus toward equipping parents - I think I may grab a few more copies and suggest that to our staff.
In short: Get it, read it, mark & highlight it, and pass it on to your supervisor along with your ideas of family ministry in your setting. But don't expect to use it as a resource for how to do family ministry or even how to implement Spiritual Milestones in your church"

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Shift--Not for Every Family?

Here's Amy Dolan's take on Shift:

"While I liked the logically mapped out approach, and it was written in a way easy enough to understand, i didn’t necessarily think the book lived up to the title “what it takes to finally reach families today.” to me, it seemed like a great approach for traditional christian families eager to elevate the faith in their own homes, which of course, is desperately needed. there are so many christian parents who feel ill-equipped and insecure about raising spiritually minded children. this model provides a great encouragement and spiritual map for parents who are already connected to a church and ready to become fully invested in the spiritual responsibility and leadership in their children’s lives."

My thoughts: Point taken, and the last thing we wanted to offer the church is a strategy for the "elite" Christian parent. We have enough for them already.

Brian has told me that there are three things they want parents to do: celebrate the faith milestones in their children's lives, watch for regular God Sightings where God shows up and they acknowledge it, and have a regular faith talk whether it's a natural conversation or a sit-down devotion. Our dream is that any family can do those three things if we give them the right tools and vision.

I think the most brilliant part of Brian's milestone strategy is the milestones. Almost every family wants the church to celebrate with them the important faith milestones in their children's lives, and sadly we as churches often miss out on that opportunity. Brian and his church have figured out how to capitalize on the moments when families of all kinds are most open to the church's input.

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Scrambling for a Family Ministry Strategy?

Who isn't these days? And it has to be intuitive and natural and biblical!

Check out what Micah Foster had to say in his review of Shift:

"Every church needs a streamlined strategy of how they are going to reach families and equip them to be the primary spiritual influence in their children’s lives. If you feel like your spinning round and round, not getting anywhere and need direction, this book can certainly point you in the right direction. You may not think that this specific strategy will work in your context, but that’s okay. Haynes is just sharing what he and Kingsland have discovered through trial and error. Shift is a thought-provoking book that can start a much-needed discussion among your team."

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Family Ministry Starts at Home

Joshua Simpson got the heart of ministry starts first in our home:

"Recently becoming a father I have realized through this book that there is a heavy weight of importance on being a parent and there are these milestones that will happen throughout my child’s life that I must take advantage of and to teach, learn, and celebrate.  More importantly to everyone in a line of ministry whether it be full-time or volunteer this SHIFT must start in our own home first.  We must be the example that we wish others to be.  This is a MUST read, but after reading do not neglect the action start this process in your home and then introduce it to your church."

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