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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

I-Phone/Jesus Phone?

So I'm trying to figure out why many are referring to the new I-phone as the Jesus phone.

And here's what one guy says: "For the record though the Jesus Phone name is what the phone is being called by many, and I don’t think it’s unfair, the hype is probably getting close to the second coming of Christ. As for upsetting people’s religious views this is meant as a parody on the hype surrounding the phone and isn’t a parody on religion."

And another person posts..."This is bad. Using “Jesus” on advertising? This is really, really, really bad."'s created quite a stir. Take a look at the video: and let me know what you think.

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Why So Many Churches?

Preteens ask this question--often. Why are there so many different churches? I read a great lesson yesterday that our very gifted Amy Weaver is editing about this very question. It was in the preteen Grapple curriculum. The anchor experience (designed to create cognitive dissonance in preteens and make them think about the question) had kids clumping together based on their favorite TV show. Then they had to find people who agreed with them about their favorite character from that show. The questions afterward did a great job of helping kids see that while people can agree on some things, they can disagree on others--perhaps that aren't key essentials to the faith. And that's okay. Then the kids get in teams and grapple with this issue by digging into the Bible. (And the takeaway is that while we may have disagreements about worship styles and/or other things, God calls us to unity as the body of Christ throughout the world.)I'm telling you...if you haven't yet checked out Grapple for your preteens, you need to. We're hearing from preteen teachers and ministers that their classes are doubling and tripling because preteens are loving it. And even better than that, preteens are grappling with faith issues and owning their faith like never before. Check it out at today!
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Bible-Less Children's Ministry?

Could the Bible illiteracy in our culture be the result of the absence of Bibles in our churches, and specifically in our children's ministries? Take a look at what Karl Bastian says at discipleblog (the June 6 posting)...

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Kummer's 68 Reasons

I'm catching up on all my Google Alerts from being out on vacation. You gotta check this out.

Tony Kummer's 68 reasons children's ministry matters:

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A Life Summed Up

My father-in-law passed away this last week and we had his service yesterday--complete with a 21-gun salute, folding of the flag, and more. It was very moving and very meaningful. Of course, it was sad for all of us to lose Grandpa, but we know he's in heaven with Jesus and is complete and whole.

Today, I'm exhausted from the emotion and activity of the weekend. And perhaps that's why my thoughts are more melancholy than usual. But I'm considering today how a long life can be summed up in a couple paragraphs for an obituary or a eulogy. Just the highlights. Not the details of a laugh or a conversation or a silly response to grandkids. Not the things that make up a person in our minds and hearts. All of those things will not be written down for generations to come--just the highlights.

And it makes me ponder the fleeting nature of life here on earth. One of my nephews read a great quote from the end of the Chronicles of Narnia that reminds me of what my friend RoseAnne once said to me: This life on earth is like a period at the end of a prologue. The rest--the real book, the real adventures are to come in heaven. They're eternal.

I can't help thinking that we're each a link in a long chain. We need to be faithful to do what God calls us to--not to be famous or to leave a legacy--but to keep the chain of faith going. There is something very powerful about passing on to the next generation what we've received from the generation before us. And for this period of time--this very short time--that's what matters most.

Our time is so fleeting. May we be found to be a faithful link in the chain!

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