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JenningsDavid has served kids around the world for the majority of his life.  From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him.  Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.
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How to Talk to Kids About Heaven and Hell

It’s easy to see examples of how Heaven and Hell confuse the world. People doubt the existence of both places, debate what qualifies one to go to either, and question what we will spend all our time doing for eternity. As we lead children, it’s important that we help kids understand Heaven and Hell in a way that they can comprehend. Different children grasp various concepts at different ages, but here are some simple, general guidelines to help you as you talk to kids about this sometimes-tricky subject…
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5 Don’ts for Children’s Church

A few years ago, we took a poll of children’s ministers to find out how churches handle “big church.” Do they send the kids in to worship with the adults, or do they have a separate children’s church just for the kids? Of the 2,032 people who responded, 48 percent said kids definitely belong in the corporate worship setting-"big church"-and the other 52 percent said kids belong in a separate children's church setting. While both sides have their advantages, today I want to focus on children’s church. Here are 5 things you can avoid to have a successful children’s church ministry…
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3 Tasty Easter Snacks

Looking to add an extra dose of sweetness to your Easter festivities? Try these tasty, Easter-themed suggestions.
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6 Palm Sunday Activities Preschoolers Love

Today I’d like to share with you some simple, yet super-fun activities that you can use during your Palm Sunday services. These activities have been specially designed with preschoolers in mind, so you can communicate the events of Palm Sunday in a way that they will understand. Let’s get started…
Posted at 14:08

5 Step Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children. And sadly, nearly 10 percent of people who try to work with children have had a criminal conviction.
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