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5 Christmas Games for Your Ministry

12.12fixedWhere is the love for Christmas games? Looking around, I'm finding Christmas musicals and carols, Christmas-themed snacks, and Christmas crafts. Don't get me wrong, I love all of that. But I think it's time we talk about some festive Christmas games to play with your kids. I found some great games for kids of all ages that not only are a ton of fun, but also come with debriefing questions to help kids pick up on the message behind the activity. Here are five Christmas games for kids of all ages in your ministry.


1. Christmas Bingo- For your younger kids who aren't ready to read yet, try out this fun Christmas version of bingo. Instead of letters and numbers, kids get a card of Christmas-related pictures like an angel, Mary, and a star. Kids use Christmas candies to mark off the images that you describe. Your children will have a blast playing Christmas bingo.

2. Treasure Seekers- A game for your 6- to 9-year-old kids, Treasure Seekers gets kids thinking about why Jesus came to earth. Blindfolded kids will rely on their teammates, who aren't allowed to speak, to find candy canes hidden in the room. Afterwards, kids make the connection that just as the teammates helped guide the blindfolded kids, Jesus helps guide us to God.

3. Snowball Wreath Toss- With all the distractions around us, it can be hard to focus on what really matters this season. The Snowball Wreath Toss is a fun game for 6- to 9-year-olds that will help them prepare their hearts for Christmas. Kids toss "snowballs" that look a lot like ping pong balls into a "wreath" that just happens to look like a swimming pool noodle. After the challenging game, kids learn that it can also be challenging to focus our hearts for Christmas. That's when they learn about giving, thanking, and celebrating Jesus.

4. Christmas Gift Wrap Race- Want your kids to understand it's better to give than receive? Help your older kids understand the giving spirit of Christmas with this Gift Wrap Race game. Kids are given everything they need to wrap a present for the world…the only thing is, they have to come up with the gift. Will they choose peace? An end to hunger? It's up to them!

5. Bethlehem or Bust- This silly, fun icebreaker game is perfect for older kids around 10 to 12 years old. Teams will run a relay race while reenacting the first Christmas using cleaning supplies. For example, kids will grab a mop and say "Nobroom at the inn!" Not only is it a great way to do a quick review of the first Christmas, kids will be laughing the entire time. The game works even better if you can get the adults to join in as well.


What games do you and your kids play at Christmastime? Do you have any special Christmas traditions that make the season special? Share your thoughts with us in our comment section below!

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Rosie said...
At our "Happy Birthday, Jesus" Christmas parties, a favorite game for the kids in my children's ministry is "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." I relate the game to the donkey that Mary rode on.
December 12, 2012 04:05
Children are usually divided into two groups, one representing Mary the mother of Jesus and the other representing the wise men. Mary's team sit in one place holding dolls that symbolize the baby Jesus, and the wise men come in with sweets, biscuits and juices to give to Mary's team. Afterwards, both groups get together and eat the stuff presented.
December 12, 2012 11:20

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