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7 Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

Christmas is finally here! With so many things going on, you might still be preparing your Christmas services or looking for one or two more ideas to make it perfect. No matter where you are in your Christmas planning, it's not too late! We've pulled together seven terrific last-minute ideas you can use to make Christmas in children's church the best it can be.


  • Tree-Mendous Treats - Part craft, part snack, kids will love decorating their very own Christmas tree before gobbling it up.


  • Baby Jesus Finger Play  - Having devotions for your youngest kids (toddlers and 2-year-olds) is just as important as for any other age group. Try this fun and simple devotion that comes with hand motions to help children learn and remember Jesus' life.


  • Manger Puppets  - Perfect for kids ages 3 to 9, this craft brings Luke 2:13-18 to life. Using small pudding boxes for mouths, children will make puppets like the animals that may have been around baby Jesus when he was born.
  • My Manger - Here's an idea I found from our archive. Give each child an envelope with the flap cut off, some modeling dough, and a small gingerbread cookie cutter. Help kids cut out gingerbread figures from their dough. Next, let kids color their envelopes (which will become mangers). When they're finished, fold and tape each lower envelope corner so it lies flat on the bottom fold of the envelope. This will enable the "manger" to stand up on its own. Finally, to make the hay-bed, let kids crumble up a piece of shredded-wheat cereal. To complete the scene, have children place their dough figure on top of their straw while you read from Luke 2:1-20.


  • Small packages - Looking for a full lesson for your first- to third-grade kids? Cindy Nelson has an amazing but simple lesson involving presents and God's greatest gift.


  • Mitten Angels - Here's a fun outreach idea. Have families bring in pairs of mittens and let kids turn them into angels. Afterward, donate the mittens to a local shelter so the angels can help keep those in need warm.

Activities for Families

  • Census Questions - Help the families in your ministry get closer together by taking this "census" like Mary and Joseph did in Luke 2:1-5.


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Let us know what you're doing for Christmas in our comment section below! Merry Christmas to you and your ministry!

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