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5 Tips for Your Next Christmas Program

Fixedblog 11.7I was driving around town yesterday and scanning the radio when I heard it-Christmas music. It seems to start earlier and earlier each year. And despite the fact that the Thanksgiving turkey isn't even on the table, it's already time to start preparing for the annual Christmas program. Whether it's a Christmas play, a Christmas pageant, or a Christmas musical, the work starts now.


  1. Free Ticket- Here is an idea a children's ministry volunteer shared with me, and I thought it was a great one! For a Christmas craft, have your younger kids make tickets for the play to give away for free. As kids color and decorate their tickets-along with writing the time and date of the Christmas program- explain to the kids that Jesus is our ticket to heaven. And it's completely free!
  2. Group Effort- Make sure to include other people besides parents when you're looking for volunteers. For example, members of the youth group can help with lighting and sound, or the senior Sunday school class can help with costumes. This helps build connections between your kids and others in your church, and also gives you extra hands to help out.
  3. Tech Tools - The holidays can be a busy time for families, and you know that not everyone will make every meeting or rehearsal. Consider starting a Facebook group or sharing a Google Calendar just for the event to help remind parents when you will be holding specially timed meetings. Keeping parents informed is half the battle.
  4. Video Extras- Something I have used in the past with great success is prerecorded video segments. Because I know we will have some people who will run late or trickle in after we start because they couldn't find a parking spot, we put together a short film with the kids explaining the real meaning of Christmas. Not only was it a fun diversion while the late arrivals found their seats, but it bought us some time to wrap up any loose ends. Consider borrowing a digital camera and shooting commercials to promote your upcoming program during church services, or use it to record funny bloopers or kids explaining what Christmas means to them. The best part is that you can burn multiple copies of the DVD to hand out to parents for gifts.
  5. Let Kids Shine- Kids all have different talents and areas where they can excel. Some really love to sing while others are deathly afraid of the spotlight. Prepare to accommodate kids with stage fright by giving them the option to contribute in a way they enjoy. Let artistic ones make posters or backdrops. Let ones who like to serve help usher in guests. The idea is to let every child use their God-given talents for God.

There are six weeks left until Christmas. If you're still not sure what to do for Christmas, make sure to check out Chris Yount Jones' new blog for a couple of great ideas. Leave a comment below to let us know what you have done for a Christmas program in the past!

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Giving special gifts such as new clothes for the less fortunate ones and dolls is a good reminder of the greatest gift God has given to us in the Lord Jesus Christ. Encourage children to share with others what they have been given at home by there parents.
November 8, 2012 12:10

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