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3 Messages for MLK Day

1.9fixedWe serve a God who looks at our hearts, not our skin. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on January 21st. It's a day to reflect, remember, and rejoice that God made and loves us all.

King taught us three things that we should pass on to our kids: God made you special, God loves everyone, and with God we can keep our dreams and hopes alive. Here are some fun and fast ways you can share King's message with your kids this weekend.


1. God Made You Special Celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. by reminding your kids that God told us that what makes us special is what's on the inside, not how we look on the outside. Using mirrors and 1 Samuel 16:7, this devotion can help your kids discover that God made each of us special and unique.

2. God Loves Everyone It can be hard for kids to comprehend what our nation was like and how segregated it was at one point. This Sunday school lesson on MLK Day gives kids a taste of how being treated unfairly feels. Adults will get comfortable seats while kids are forced to squeeze into a small, taped-off area that keeps getting smaller as more adults enter. Using Galatians 3:28, your kids will discover how we're all the same in Jesus and how we should treat others with fairness and respect.

3. Keep on Dreaming King stood up for what was right and kept fighting for his dream. This devotion for kids 6- to 9 years old will get them thinking about their own dreams as well as what God has planned for their lives. In addition, Jolene L. Roehlkpartain shares her own Sunday school lesson for preschoolers on dreams and wishes.


By teaching our kids about God's love today, we can hope that they won't repeat the past mistakes of our nation in the future.

If you are looking for some more MLK Day fun for your kids, check out these 15-minute lessons on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for every age group in your ministry. Designed by Joclyn Wampler (a church volunteer from Oregon), these lesson plans also include snacks and crafts your kids will love.

So how does your church celebrate MLK Day? Let us know what your plans are using the comment section below!

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