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5 Birth- to Preschool-Age Activities That Teach the Bible

Blog 1.30fixedThere's much more going on in the brains of your youngest kids than meets the eye. According to the National Association of Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies, 80 percent of the brain develops by age 3! The social, intellectual, and spiritual ways you're pouring into young kids sets an incredibly important foundation. Now's the time to start helping these kids cultivate a relationship with God. Here are a few ideas aimed at kids between the ages of birth and preschool that will help them learn more about the Bible and God.


1. Animal Songs - Kids love animals. Kids love music. Here's a simple activity that combines both. This song and movement activity helps your youngest ones start to understand that God created all the animals.

2. God Rocks!- For 2- and 3-year-olds, this simple lesson uses rocks to help kids discover that God can do all things. What incredible things our kids can do if they know right from their start that their God can do anything!

3. Looking for Jesus- Here's a simple game that you can play with your kids soon after they begin walking. Place pictures of Jesus in low areas around a room and ask kids to find him. Then explain that Jesus is everywhere. The added bonus of this game is that it helps them build leg muscles.

4. Bible Babies- This is a cute way to help your kids remember that God loves every single baby. By using pictures from old books and magazines, you'll create a Bible Baby Book complete with songs to sing about each one.

5. Lambs of God- Using John 10:27, this craft is a lot of fun for your preschoolers. Simple lamb-shaped masks will help kids understand that Jesus takes care of us, just like a shepherd cares for his sheep.


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If you are looking for Sunday school material for your youngest ages, check out the Play-n-Worship series. Designed for how young minds develop, these Sunday school resources will help you lay a foundation for kids that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

What does your nursery and preschool ministry look like? What advice do you have to new volunteers joining this unique area of ministry? Share with us your tips and tricks using the comment section below.

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