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Contest: Win a Rock-n-Roll Easter Event Kit!

EgghuntToday I thought it would fun to play a game with all of you out there! I recently shared five ways to boost your Easter egg hunt, and with Easter just a couple of weeks away, I wanted to hold an Easter egg hunt of my own. Somewhere on we've hidden a special Easter egg. Find it first and you could win your very own copy of our Rock-n-Roll Easter Event Kit!

Here's how to play. On one of the many pages of the Children's Ministry Magazine's website we've hidden a special Easter egg (like the one in the picture).

Browse the website in your hunt for the egg, and when you find it, click on the instructions that follow. If you're the first to find the egg, you win!


The game is over! Both eggs have been found!  It was only a few minutes before we had a winner in the first hunt! Congrats to Jodi Q. for winning the first hunt.

****** has a wealth of information to inform and inspire you. We have over 3,000 pages of tips and tricks for your ministry to help you make Jesus irresistible to kids! With so much content available at the site, there are tons of hiding spots for the egg. Here are some tips to help you on your hunt:

1. Use the yellow banner on the home page as your guide. All of our pages are arranged by type and age range to help readers easily find what they need on the home page.

2.The egg may be hidden on another page.Some of our longer articles are broken down into smaller pages. Make sure to check the bottom of each article to see if it continues onto another page-the egg might not be on the first page.

3. Don't forget the blog network! I am privileged to work alongside some of the most talented people with the biggest hearts for kids. Their blogs may hide the egg as well!

The most important thing to do is follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will be posting clues that will put you on the right track and help you find the egg quicker!

I will update this blog when we have a winner, so make sure to check out this page often to see if the egg has been found!

 And now, here is some more information on the fantastic product you're playing for!

Rock-n-Roll Easter Event Kit

No doubt about it, Easter is one of every church's biggest times of the year. It's your chance to reach people who might otherwise not hear about how much God really loves them.

Now you can give your Easter celebration its biggest possible impact with the Rock-n-Roll Easter Event. It's an all-out family affair with booths, games, music, crafts, snacks, and activities that center on the fact that God rolled the rock away. And, of course, there's a full-on high-energy egg hunt!

Everything-and we mean everything-about the Rock-n-Roll Easter Event points people to one thing: celebrating Jesus Christ. We guarantee every visitor will fully engage with the amazing gospel message in a variety of unforgettable ways.

Don't miss your chance to share God's love like never before!

I have a copy of this kit at my desk, and I have to tell you, I'm so excited to hear the feedback from churches that are using it. It's awesome!

Good luck to you, and happy hunting!

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