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5 Outside Games and Activities for Your Ministry

Grass FixedI am a recent transplant to Colorado, and my co-workers like to joke with me about my natural aversion to snow and ice. I was born and raised in Alabama, where even the threat of wintery weather shuts everything down. We had our first blizzard warning of the year last week and everyone was excited. I ran to the store to stock up on bread and milk.

I'm really looking forward spring and the nice, warm weather it brings. Now that we are finally able to let kids go back outside in the sun, I thought I would share with you five outdoor games that you can play with your kids. These action-packed, fun-filled games and activities not only are a blast to play, but also can help your kids dig into God's Word. Check them out!


1.Dribble, Dribble, Splatter-It's amazing what a cup of water can do to a simple game like Duck, Duck, Goose. Combine it with Ephesians 2:10, and you have a wet way to help kids discover that God has called them for his plan.

2. Ice Cold Toes-If your kids really need to cool down, this is the game for you! Based on the parable of the hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44-46), kids will find treasures in a kiddy pool full of ice using only their bare feet.

3. The Path-Kids ages 6 to 12 will love this twist on an obstacle course. Partners will have to help their blindfolded teammate traverse the course with simple, nonverbal clues. After the game, guide kids through a discussion of Psalm 121.

4. Anger Bubbles-Kids discover what James 1:19 means in this simple but fun game of bubble blowing. All you need are some bowls of water, straws, and dishwashing liquid and you're ready to play.

5. Explosive Power-This is a new twist on the old science-fair classic volcano. Using some household items and Romans 1:20, you can create an experience that will help kids understand God's power.


If you are still looking for more fun, check out this blog I did with more outdoor games. So what outdoor games do you love to play with your kids? Do you have big plans for the spring? Share with us using the comment section below!

Also, I want to congratulate Jodi Q. for winning our Easter egg hunt contest. They were the first to find the special golden egg and won a free Rock-n-Roll Easter Event Kit. Make sure to grab a copy for your own ministry's Easter event!

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