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JenningsDavid has served kids around the world for the majority of his life.  From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him.  Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.
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5 Tricks to Ease Separation Anxiety

It happens all too often. Parents start to drop off their young kid in your class and even before they leave the room, the waterworks start. Tears start flowing, followed by high-pitched screams of “I want my mommy!” Now instead of focusing on teaching and loving on the rest of your kids, your attention must turn to calming down the child dealing with separation anxiety…
Posted at 12:01

5 Sure-Fire Tips for Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers

Getting and keeping volunteers can be hard, but there are people out there who are looking for a place to serve. Here are tips for finding and keeping new volunteers for your ministry…
Posted at 11:13

7 Quotes Celebrating Grandparents Day

Grandparents are special people. I was fortunate enough to grow up just a few minutes from my grandparents. They remain two of the strongest examples of God’s love that I have seen in my life. So, in honor of Grandparents Day, here are some quotes about the parents of parents…
Posted at 11:12

3 Mind-Boosting Games for Kids

Any time we can mix play with learning, especially when it can help our kids’ persistence and self-discipline, I’m for it! After reading about Megan McClelland’s new twist on “Red Light, Green Light,” I decided to try making some game changers myself. Here are a few I came up with…
Posted at 13:04

Q & A - Church Volunteer Screenings

In a blog post last week, I talked about church safety and the fact that that fewer than half of all churches screen their paid children's ministry workers. Around that same time, I found out about ...
Posted at 13:01



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