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JenningsDavid has served kids around the world for the majority of his life.  From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him.  Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.
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9 Ways Children’s Ministers are Just Like Kids

Let’s face it; if you’re in the children’s ministry world, you have a heart for kids. But there’s a good chance you have the heart of a child as well. Let me show you what I mean. Here are 9 ways children’s ministers are just like the kids they serve.
Posted at 10:59

3 Ways to Praise Kids

It’s easy to forget the power our words have, and we need to remember that what we say to our kids matters. And I’m not just talking about the negative things we say. The way we praise our kids—where we do it, why we do it, and how we do it—is important to think about. Here are three things to consider when praising your kids…
Posted at 10:33

3 Things Super Bowl Ads Teach Us About Christian Education

As we were discussing our favorite ads back at work on Monday, something started to interest me. Just like the advertisers, children’s ministers put their time, energy, and money into programs to try to get a message to stick in the minds of their audience in just a short amount of time. What makes certain ads better than others? Why are we still talking about some ads? And what can we learn from Super Bowl ads that we can apply to Christian education?
Posted at 12:11

5 Things You Can Do to Encourage Kids’ Motivation in Children’s Ministry

I’ll admit it. I was a reward junkie. When I taught my kids, I loved giving out prizes and other small goodies. It felt it gave me an advantage--I could encourage good behavior with cheap candy and threaten to take away toys when kids misbehaved. This give-and-take reward system was something I was raised on when I was a kid in church, and naturally, I did it with my own Sunday school kids…
Posted at 11:36
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