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JenningsDavid has served kids around the world for the majority of his life.  From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him.  Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.
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Quiz: Do You Know Kid Lingo?

Do you know how to talk to your kids? When your kids speak is it like hearing a whole new language? The team at Oxford Dictionaries has recently added 65 new words, many of which have origins in preteen talk. So how hip on kid lingo are you? This quick quiz of the new words will test if you can speak preteen or if you need a translator…
Posted at 12:35

5 Must-Do’s for New Children’s Ministry Leaders

When I was first hired as a part-time children’s ministry leader, I had no formal experience. Sure, I’d volunteered for Sunday school and helped out during VBS, but when I stepped up to being a children’s ministry director, I found that it was a totally different experience. Maybe your experience is like mine and you are just starting your journey as a children’s ministry leader, or maybe you’ve been thrown into the job unexpectedly. Whatever the case, here are some must-do’s to help you get on the right track to success…
Posted at 14:02

5 Can’t-Miss Family Ministry Tips From the Experts

There is a clear opportunity to help equip our parents and families to help them foster a nurturing faith environment at home. We’ve asked the experts on family ministry for their tips and strategies that can help your ministry connect with families. Here are five can’t-miss family ministry tips from the experts…
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5 Back-to-School Outreach Ideas

According to a new survey by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, one in five non-Christians in the U.S. and Canada don’t know any Christians personally. It’s clear that we need to equip our kids to reach out into their communities and show Jesus’ love to others. With school back in full swing, now’s a great time to focus on outreach. Here are five simple, effective ideas that’ll help you and your kids reach out where they are…school…
Posted at 10:40

5 Ways to Refresh Your Ministry

Do you ever feel like your ministry needs refreshing? If so, know two things: one, you’re not alone; two, it’s normal. Taking a step back and making tweaks are important to keep a ministry going strong. In the July/August issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine, Dick Gruber, a professor of children’s ministry at Valley Forge Christian College in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and co-founder of Children’s Ministry University Online (, gave us his tips for refreshing your ministry. I thought these were simple but highly effective, and wanted to share some of them here with you…
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