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Thom Schultz is an eclectic author and the founder of Group Publishing and Lifetree Café. His blog, Holy Soup offers innovative approaches to ministry, and challenges the status quo of today's church.


The Problem with Jesus

At least he was honest enough to admit it. "I have a real problem with Jesus on this one." I had just shown a clip from our upcoming documentary film When God Left the Building, which shows a Christian police officer who wants to start an outreach in a local pub.
Posted at 09:09

Breaking the Moldy Sunday Mold

This city has one of the highest unchurched populations in the country. It may just foretell the future. And that may be a good thing. There’s an innovative church here that’s bucking the odds. It’s growing. And not just in numbers, but in life change and commitment to Christ.
Posted at 09:19

Church Trapped by Consumerism

Church shoppers. They’re derided as fickle, self-centered customers caught up in the toxic fever of consumerism. “People treat church and church programs like the mall,” said a church leader. “All they want is the latest shiny object and ‘what’s in it for me.’”
Posted at 08:59

Gay Debate: The Church’s Dangerous Dilemma

A few months ago, Mark went to his pastor with an admission and a question. This 25-year-old man grew up in this church. He now sat with the only pastor he’s known. Haltingly, Mark told his pastor that he’s gay.
Posted at 09:27

What Children’s Ministry Can Teach Grown-up Church

As they filed out of church, several adults slapped the children's minister on the back and said the same thing: "I got more out of that children's message than I did out of the rest of the service." Note to staff: They meant it.
Posted at 09:53


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