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Thom Schultz is an eclectic author and the founder of Group Publishing and Lifetree Café. His blog, Holy Soup offers innovative approaches to ministry, and challenges the status quo of today's church.


Tackle Touchy Topics — and Survive

The planned discussion on same-sex marriage really riled him up. He feared the forum might attract “seekers” and lead them astray. He contacted his pastor and asked, “Why are we exposing unbelievers with no biblical backing to the worst of false doctrine?”
Posted at 12:08

Church Infighting: It’s Killing Us

The pastor’s email was stunning. “I have recently been sick and in the hospital. During the stay, I was notified via text that my services were no longer needed.” While the pastor lay suffering in the hospital the church leadership council chose to pull the plug. And deliver the unexpected news via text message.
Posted at 08:23

Missing the Guy in the Empty Chair

We’re producing a generation of spiritual dwarfs. Many in the church are going through the motions, but their faith lacks vibrancy, exuberance, life and contagion. They may be saying the right stuff. Doing the right stuff. But missing the main thing....
Posted at 11:51

Sunday Morning Fantasies

Bear with me as I fantasize. About Sunday morning. At church. The worship leader begins the service with: “Everybody please be seated. I don’t know why I’ve asked you to stand every time we sing. But whatever the reason, I realized it’s become just another cliche´. So please be seated.”...
Posted at 09:47

“We Write All Our Own Stuff”

It seems to have become a badge of honor. “We don’t use any outside resources.” Some people in ministry have decided to go it alone. They now spend a sizable chunk of their time creating their own curriculum, Bible studies, teacher guides, devotionals, messages, music, video and artwork.
Posted at 09:58


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